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Tehlissa "Teh" Hillsmon is an upcoming author born here in the heart of Colorado. She was inspired to write after becoming a mother at the age of 13; and overcoming so many tragedies! She is now a mother to 3 beautiful angels; and dreams to be a leader and encouragement to others!

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This story will revolve around the struggles of a woman who went from losing all that she held dear, to becoming strong and resilient to life's realities. Its about the strength motherhood gives a woman working as a superpower to protect her child from whatever she had gone through while keeping her child protected in her safe cocoon. The heartbreaking yet noticeable turn of events in the characters life proved that whatever didn't break her, made her stronger.

So I just finished reading this life experience inspired memoir of a young black woman who has overcome many life tragedies! If you ever doubt if God can turn things around and leave you standing after the greatest of storms, read of her story and note he will do it! Tehlissa I am proud of you!

-Carmen Whitney-Matthews


Coming Soon!!!!

-A Reader

Coming Soon!!!

-A Reader

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