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"I want to be a voice for the unheard"

Tehlissa "Teh" Hillsmon  is an upcoming author born here in the heart of Colorado. She was inspired to write after becoming a mother at the age of 13; and overcoming so many tragedies! She is now a mother to 3 beautiful angels, and dreams to become a leader and encouragement to others!

So much of our youth are influenced with negativity, scared to speak, questioning their position in society. Young adults put in traumatic situations that lead them to the streets, drugs or alcohol.


I've always envisioned to be a leader! My books are encouragement not only young adults but everyone. We never know how our voice can help pave someone's path!


In order to grow we must become uncomfortable. So many of us rely on our comfortability so we stick to what we know not where we can go!
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